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Enjoy superb views with skin, wind with skin, enjoy cooking with tongue, "Il Mare"

When opening the door you will find a vast Setonaikai, a unified white room, as a restaurant reminiscent of foreign resorts "Il Mare"

We will prepare rooms and cuisines according to your needs, such as private rooms with small groups available from the large banquet hall with the stage that can be used up to 72 people.

Excellent location facing a superb view of Setouchi

Surround the delicious dishes with plenty of local ingredients,
Please spend a wonderful time with important people.
  • Restaurant Il Mare

    • Yume Island, Special Kaiseki Meal
      It is named from "Yume Shimaichi" connecting the islands in Kamijima Town.
      Like "Yume Shima Kaido" connecting the islands,
      I hope that it will be a bridge to connect wonderful ingredients to everyone. . .

      Take advantage of the local ingredients to the fullest, and tell the splendor of Setouchi even with its taste.

      Please enjoy the scenery and ingredients that change according to the season.
    • Information on Il Mare

      Business hours
      Dinner, 17: 30-21: 30(LO, 20: 30)
      Lunch, 11: 30 to 14: 30(LO, 14:00)

      ※Advance reservation is required for dinner.
      ※Breakfast is only available to guests staying.