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Overnight Stay Plan

Please experience a luxurious moment in a quiet island, feel the beautiful sea and the wind

Welcome to Kamijima Town ~ Setouchi the materials of the Setouchi ~ Superb view and luxurious space of the Setouchi

Inland Sea Resort Fespa considers the unique features of a remote island
We will prepare a plan for you and wait for your visit.

★Guest room is all rooms ocean front desk★
★Dinner is a passion for Ehime Prefecture, Setonaikai, and Kamijima Town★
★If it is an island, the scenery will forget the flow of the moment★

  • 【Island taste】 We offer seasonal ingredients of Kamijima!  Recommended accommodation plan <Standard>

    Kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients of this period. (Standard)
    Accommodation plan only for the winter season, where you can enjoy the taste of a remote island!

    Lemon pork from Iwakijima / Ikina Island Prawns / Uojima salmon
    Yuge Island Continue reading
  • 【Island taste】 ★Dinner Upgrade★ Recommended accommodation plan <Special>

    Enjoy the taste of the island!

    <Recommended accommodation plan Basic upgrade version>

    ★Freshly caught seasonal fish sashimi!
    ★Raw specialties and prawns are exquisite!
    ★Lemon pork from Iwaki is shabu-shabu!
    ★Boiled seasonal fish is exactly tContinue reading
  • Welcome to Kamijima! Recommended for you who are tired! 【A room with an out-door bath】Overnight Stay Plan

    Do you not forget time leisurely?
    If the island is full of scenery and seasonal taste, rice cakes will cure the tiredness of the trip!
    Enjoy the sea, the quiet sound of the waves, and the nature【A room with an out-door bath】

    Room type: JapaneContinue reading
  • A must-see gourmet! Local specialty "prawns" Dzukushi winter limited accommodation plan now a seasonal

    Which plan would you like to use? If lost, look here!
    It is irresistible for shrimp lovers.

    Hospitality with shrimp sushi bowls utilizing the “live tiger prawns” in Kamijima Town!
    ◎ Welcome to Kamijima ◎ Recommended for gourmet(^ 0 ^)(^ 0 ^)

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  • Organizers Must-see Affordable accommodation plan with all-you-can-drink

    This is a plan with two meals (evening and morning) + all-you-can-drink recommended for those looking for affordable prices.

    In the year-end party & New Year party, the secretary is troubled by the budget.
    That? I drank too much ...  Don't worrContinue reading