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Hospitality with kaiseki cuisine that focuses on local products from remote islands

For dinner, we serve special meal dishes with plenty of fresh Setouchi fish and passion locally produced ingredients
We offer a menu that was made.

Shimanami restaurant where you can enjoy the superb view of the Shimanami Sea and the wind,
We prepared a menu that you can feel free to enjoy while enjoying the atmosphere.

Please have a relaxing time with your precious person.

※For outpatient meals, advance reservation is required.For details, please contact the Hotel Reservation Section
 Please contact us. Tel:0897-77-220010:00 to 17:00

Welcome greetings with a fresh Setouchi

It is a taste for the grace of the fresh Setonaikai.Please taste the rich sea foods to your heart 's content.
  • Kamijima Kaiseki, (Standard Plan)

    A multi-course meal featuring plenty of Kamijima Town products.

    Iwakijima, Lemon pork / Ikina Island, Prawn / Uoshima, 蛸 / Yuge Island, Yumisha salt
    Setouchi seasonal fish, etc.

    (Note) The picture is an image.
        Depending on the season and purchase circumstances, the menu may change.
    • Kamijima Kaiseki, (Basic meeting cuisine)

      5,000 yen (Excluding consumption tax)
  • Yumeshima Kaiseki, (Special Plan)

    Upgrade basic multi-course meals

    Ingredients are centered on Kamijima Town, freshly caught fish, and kaiseki cuisine that focuses on the season.

    (Note) The picture is an image.
        Depending on the season and purchase circumstances, the menu may change.
    • Yumeshima Kaiseki, (Special session cuisine)

      7,000 yen (Excluding consumption tax)
  • Itadaba selected carefully

    It is a special multi-course dinner using local ingredients full of seasonal flavors by the director.
    ※The sashimi is four servings. The photograph is an image.
    • Board leader recommended carefully selected kaiseki cuisine

      10,000 yen, (Excluding consumption tax)
      Period available:
      New Year holidays, GW, Bon Festival, etc. cannot be provided.

Kamijima Town Ikina Island special product, “live lobster”

Kamijima Town, Ikina Island, Special prawn shrimp.
Shrimp grown by the producers are famous as “live prawns”.
It's so popular that it's so popular from all over Japan that it's worth it!
Depending on the season (winter), you can have it live.
  • Live prawn

    Inland Sea Resort Fespa now offers meals that are particular to Kamijima Town
    I keep in mind.
    In particular, prawn of Ikina Island production, even from all over the country under the name of "alive, such prawns" sought after!
    You can enjoy the original taste of shrimp.