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For dinner you can fully enjoy seafood in Setouchi and the taste of the island and lunch will feel free to enjoy the atmosphere

For dinner, meat dishes with plenty of fresh Setouchi fish and Western food of passion food
Please enjoy the menu of passion.

At lunchtime, at a restaurant that feels the scenery of Shimanami's sea and the wind,
We prepared a menu that you can feel free to enjoy while enjoying the atmosphere.

Please have a relaxing time with your precious person.

Welcome greetings with a fresh Setouchi

It is a taste for the grace of the fresh Setonaikai.Please taste the rich sea foods to your heart 's content.
  • ≪Limited Time Only≫Assorted BBQ

    ◇Limited Time Only◇Speaking of summer, "Barbecue,"

    Serving on the terrace adjacent to restaurant il mare.

    What spreads through the field of vision is rich nature itself.
    While watching the sky and the sea which are beautifully red and dyed at dusk,
    In the night the sound of the quiet wave is changed to BGM · · ·

    Recommended for fun meals with family!

     Restaurant As it is prepared on the outdoor terrace,
     In case of stormy weather it may be unavoidable to prepare.
     In that case please choose from the restaurant menu.

    ※Photos for 4 people
     Advance reservation necessary, two people or more will be accepted.
     For details please contact us directly.
    • BBQ, Standard Course

      An example of content

      Calbee, middle falling kalbi, special hormone, pork belly, chicken, flavored pork belly pickled in a bottle, wiener, pigtollette, vegetable syrup, kimchi namulu (It may be partly changed depending on the purchase situation)
      1 serving, ¥ 2,980
      Period available:
      Limited to Summer
  • ≪Limited Time Only≫Special BBQ Assortment, 1 serving 4980 yen

    • BBQ, Special course

      An example of menu

      Japanese domestic A5 top Calbi, domestic A5 specialty loin, beef tangerine Harimi, raw propellant prawn, pill, peculiar, special hormone tintoro, flavored pork roses pickled, chicken, wine, vegetable Sheng, kimchi namulu May be different)
      1 serving, 4,980 yen
      Period available:
      Limited to Summer
  • Yume Island, Standard Kaiseki Meal

    aperitif, Today's recommendation
    First apple aimebu kelp tea
    Shuri Tan, Frying frost, Cold eight, A
    Simmered boiled small sea bream
    Strutinate octopamine Shabu
    Deep-fried black agate, Blue, Thin cut lemon
    Steamed food, Savory egg custard
    Vinegared dish Ikina Island Shrimp from Niijima
    Stopper bowl red miso soup
    Meal white rice
    Flavor pickles
    Fruit Seasonal items
    (Note) Menu may change depending on the season and purchase circumstances.
    • Yume Island, Basic meeting cuisine

      5,400 yen(tax included)
  • Yume Island, Special Kaiseki Meal

    aperitif, Today's recommendation
    Ahead, Taimei kombu tea
    Appetizer, Salt-grilled green princess bamboo grass, Bail shell, Hogakari
         Ikina Island prawn stick sushi from Ikina Island
    Battlefish bamboo grilled frost, Cold eight, A
    Simmered dishes, Boiled a small bream
    Strong dish, Shabu shabu of Ikina Island Island, octopus shabu
    Fried food, Deep fried black meval, Blue, Thin cut lemon
    Steamed food, Savory egg custard
    Vinegared dish, Ikina Island -Ebi
    Stop bowl, Red miso soup
    Meals, Sea bream beans
    Fragrance, pickles
    fruit, Seasonal things
    (Note) Menu may change depending on the season and purchase circumstances.
    • Yume Island, Special session cuisine

      ¥ 7,020(tax included)
  • Western Food, ~Pasta & Meat dishes course~

    • Pasta & meat cooking course

      An example of content

      ·Three kinds of mushrooms Porcini cream sauce raw pasta·Special Wagyu Beef Cut Steak·Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce·Recommended cup soup today·Today's recommended dessert·Bread
      ¥ 4,320(tax included)
  • Western Food, ~Pasta & fish dishes course~

    • Pasta & fish dishes course

      An example of content

      ·Ikina Nishima Truck Prawn Cream Pasta · Seta Setouchi Minoi Izashi Minoi Iwaki lemon tailor · Specialty raw ham fresh salad · Today's recommended cup soup · Today's recommended dessert · bread
      ¥ 4,320(tax included)
  • 【Lunch】Ilma - Re / Pasta Lunch Set

    Choice pasta for lil mare's lunch on a daily basis!
    The content is a capricist's caprice ...
    "What kind of pasta is today?" That is one of fun

    ① Gorgonzola cheese cream pasta
    ② Three kinds of mushrooms and porcini cream sauce pasta
    ③ raw specialty prawn's raw cream pasta
    ④ seafood caterpillar butter pasta pasta
    ⑤ Carbona - Lass sauce pasta
    ⑥ Bolognese raw pasta
    ⑦ Geno Besse Raw Pasta
    ⑧ Napolitan

    ※Depending on the season, purchase situation, the menu may be changed.
    • Ilma - Re / Pasta Lunch Set

      set content

      Today's pasta·Bread·Daily soup·salad·With dessert
      set, 1,500 yen(Pasta separately 900 yen)
      Period available:
      From 1 July 2018 to 11: 30, L.O14: 00
  • 【Lunch】Lunch menu from July

    • Summer Lunch Menu

      Japanese Food

      Heavenly fish heavenly set, 1,500 yen (Tiger fish weight is 1,200 yen separately)

      Japanese Food

      Mini-seafood rice and special picked udon set, 1,500 yen

      Japanese Food

      Bowl of rice topped with sashimi(With Miso Soup), 1,200 yen

      Western Food

      Summer Vegetable Curry Set, 1,480 yen(Curry single item, ¥ 1,000)

      Luncheon cuisine

      Ajinomoto set menu(Shogatsudo), ¥ 2,800
      Period available:
      From 1 July 2018 to 11: 30, L.O14: 00