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【Official】Inland Sea Resort Fespa

Accepting the sea breeze and the lights of the islands, we can experience Setouchi Resort

Kamijima Town · Yuge Island located in the middle of the Setonaikai. An island where people, nature and history coexist.
The nature and the scenery of the remote island, relaxing flowing time heal the tiredness of the trip.

We are waiting for everyone's visit from the same staff.

Setonaikai island that floats almost in the center of the Setonaikai. Hospitality with dishes that are particular to local ingredients!

  • Seasonal-packed chopsticks are created by a board leader who knows the taste of the island with confidence.

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Please enjoy the taste of that time.
    We try to provide the ingredients for the day, freshly caught in the morning.

    Material of Setouchi will surely be satisfied.

Information on cuisine

Room Information

  • Room Information

    A detached island inn. I understand the feelings of nature well. You can meet many facial expressions in every place. All the rooms are equipped with an oceanfront desk and private balcony, and the view and the wave from the ocean which spreads all over can enjoy the Setouchi Resort.
    It is like a high-class resort. Furthermore, hot bath facilities are enriched. I will forget the time.

    (Picture shows an example of a Western-style twin room)

Other, Hotel Facility Information

  • Information on the bath

    Visible outdoor bath that you can immerse in bathtub and overlook the Setonaikai.
    Even the sunset and the pleasant sunrise are alone with the beautiful view of the Setonaikai.Looking at the sound of a quiet wave to BGM, the night sky is the best luxury!
    Enjoy bathing while experiencing various scenes and scents every season, and enjoy bathing while watching the evening scenery that stains in a beautiful madder color.
    It has a healing room.Lend yourself to the reclining chair relaxedly and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    (The photo shows a view of a day from a Japanese-style open-air bath)
  • Restaurant Information

    When you open the door you will find a vast Setonaikai, a unified white interior, a restaurant reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea"Il Mare"
    Hospitable with creativity and playfulness full of cooking stuff, cooking cuisine sticking to local produce, such as natural fish, special vegetables, meat etc. There is no doubt that you can enjoy the taste of the island!
    We will prepare rooms and cuisines according to your needs, such as private rooms with small groups available from the large banquet hall with the stage that can be used up to 72 people.

    【Outpatient meal】 Only the evening section requires a complete reservation system (up to 3 days before).
              Lunch business is suspended.
  • Hotel Facility Information

    The sea of ​​the island, the wind and the sky.Please spend time to heal your heart.

    A view from the lobby that enlivens the feeling of travel. The moment of arrival, the natural beauty that spreads in front of you
    It is perfect for enjoying the resort stay at leisurely and Kamijima.


  • Access

    Kamijima Town is a town made only of solitary islands located in the prefecture border with the northeastern part of Ehime prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture.
    It consists of seven manned seven islands and 18 uninhabited islands in the center of the Setonaikai, and it was a major point of maritime traffic since long ago.
    Edo period belongs to the Matsuyama Domain and the Imabari Domain, and it is reported that the bustling of commercial and shipping business centered on the harbor.
    On October 1, 2004, the former 4 towns and Ikina Village Yuge Town, Ikina Village, Iwagi Village and Uoshima Village merged, and a new town was born.
    It seems that mergers of municipalities between islands are unusual nationwide.
    Setonaikai National Park within the area of the Setonaikai National Park is scenic. Because of the Seto Inland sea climate of the Seto Inland sea climate where there are few rain and few sunny weather and sunshine, you can enjoy the landscape of Setouchi islands are repeated many times throughout the year.

Fespa's passion

  • Ideal for healing! Bedrock bath corner available for free

    Hotel B1F is equipped with two types of large public baths with different Japanese and Western styles.
    The view from each open-air bath lets you forget the flow of time.

    At the healing corner in front of the public bath, you can enjoy the bedrock bath for free.

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